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Street No. KN 67 Kigali, Rwanda
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The idea to establish the Fund was born in 2011 at the 9th Umushyikirano (National Dialogue) that was chaired by H.E President Paul Kagame.

The prosperity for generations of Rwanda is the main objective of the Fund. Agaciro Fund is dedicated to increasing the financial autonomy of Rwanda and constitutes a critical tool in shielding Rwanda from potential external economic shocks.

There are no limits of contributions. Rwandans and their friends may contribute as much as they want and for as long as possible.

Rwandans at home and abroad, civil society, community organizations, large and small businesses, along with friends of Rwanda anywhere in the world, are welcome to contribute to this fund.

Agaciro Development Fund Corporate Trust is wholly owned by the people of Rwanda with governance structure, accountability and transparency mechanisms that adhere to international standards common to all Sovereign Wealth Funds. The Fund is managed by the Board of Trustees drawn from different sectors of the economy and approved by the Cabinet. The fund’s regular reports and financial statements are audited annually and published different media outlets.

The Board of Trustees is the Fund’s governing body comprised of members with expertise in business. The Board members are drawn from different sectors of economy and are approved by the Cabinet.

The fund gives Rwandans the chance to invest in the prosperity for generations of Rwandans to come. It is an entirely voluntary fund that enables Rwandans at home and abroad to participate in the country’s development.

The legal personality of the Agaciro Development Fund is that of a Trust with the citizens of Rwanda as its beneficiaries. The AGDF is registered with Rwanda Development Board as AGDF Corporate Trust Ltd and therefore runs its operations in accordance with law NO20/2013 of 25/03/2013 regulating the creation of trusts and trustees.

Currently, the fund is invested in banks as term deposits and treasury bonds to generate interests. Other diversified avenues of income including investments in other safe and high profitability sectors are also planned.