Core Functions


For its sustainability AgDF continues to receive voluntary contributions from Rwandans in the diaspora and those at home, friends of Rwanda and the government of Rwanda.

Our main contributors are

the Government of Rwanda, Rwandans in and outside the country and friends of Rwanda. Since its inception is 2011 and subsequent launch in 2012, the idea was that the contributions, small or big, would eventually build up a fund which can be used in future to safeguard the country against unforeseen economic shocks and steer the country towards self-reliance


Improve the level of financial autonomy of Rwanda.

Building up public savings with the aim of maintaining self-reliance.

Maintain stability in times of economic shocks to the national economy Accelerate socio-economic development of Rwanda.


At present, AgDF (Agaciro Development Fund) invests in local market in domestic fixed income government securities and term deposits with a fairly small percentage of its portfolio in equities. AgDF’s long-term objectives and expected economic and market conditions determine the choice of asset classes and their weights in the Fund. The Board reviews the Fund’s asset allocation periodically for consistency with the objectives and evolving opportunities and risks. In the future, our aim is to diversify the AGDF’s investment portfolio.

Potential investment areas include; equities, real estate line with the Fund's mandate. AGDF is now a member of International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds which is global hub for sharing experience and best practices in funds investment and management and we believe this is a good

drive in pursuit of achieving our mandate.

When it comes to investment, the AGDF guiding principle is to carefully blend theory and practice to systematically allocate funds between different classes in a way that ensure sustainability and achievement of the fund’s financial goals.

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