City of Kigali donates Rwf25 million to Agaciro Dev't Fund

The City of Kigali yesterday donated Rwf25m to Agaciro Development Fund.

Fidèle Ndayisaba, the mayor of the City of Kigali, said the donation was collected from city employees.

“What was important for us is not about the amount, but rather the spirit to contribute to a common goal in striving for self-reliance and dignity. We found it necessary to contribute to finding solutions for our economic development challenges,” he said.

Ambassador Claver Gatete, the Minster for Finance and Economic Planning, said donating to Agaciro Development Fund demonstrates how Rwandans are eager to achieve self-resilience as a people.

The perception that Rwandans cannot achieve anything in absence of donors should be discarded, he said.

“Agaciro Development Fund demonstrates our commitment to finding local solutions to our problems.

Contributing to it is building self-reliance since the donation creates back-ups for any economic shock that might occur like the one we experienced in 2012 when some donors withdrew their aid,” Gatete said.

So far, Rwf27.1 billion has been contributed to the Agaciro Development Fund

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